Living in Copenhagen truly is wonderful, but let’s be clear, it’s not easy to get started. Seeking accommodation in Denmark’s capital, especially if you’re a newcomer lacking a large network, is a mission that many have deemed impossible. The city lures students, young professionals and couples in with a promise of higher living standards and happiness, but writing a new chapter without a roof over your head, is a scenario feared by many.It seems, however, that BIG – a group of architects and creatives led by Bjarke Ingels – have found a solution that ticks all the boxes, including sustainable living. Their innovative floating home concept, Urban Rigger, provides stylish and functional waterfront accommodation, which has a high potential to meet the demand for affordable housing in overcrowded urban areas such as Copenhagen.

The first Urban Rigger appeared in the hip industrial island Refshaleøen in 2017, and it certainly attracts attention. A teal blue apartment block made out of shipping containers stacked like LEGO, Urban Rigger has everything young residents of the city could wish for to live comfortably. BIG have taken the positive aspects of living in student dorms, such as communal areas, and transposed them into a concept that can easily be seen as the future of student housing. The Riggers are all equipped with underwater storage in the basement of the property, as well as a roof terrace and a courtyard for socialising. Perfect.What about sustainability? It’s safe to say Urban Rigger has got it covered. Electrical power is sourced from solar panels, while the hydro-sourced heating technology allows the use of sea, river or lake water for heating purposes. Combined with the small amount of energy used for heating and cooling, this floating dwelling is able to reduce emissions by 81% in comparison to conventional housing.

Plenty of light, modern Scandinavian decor and the surrounding water, make Urban Rigger come across as a peaceful and fun place to live while you’re beginning your journey in Copenhagen. Are you attracted to this vision? A little bird has told us five new Urban Riggers will be unveiled on October 9th, with bold plans to utilise the unused water areas even further. We are SO ready to move in!You can learn more about the Urban Rigger apartments on their website.