Connected Living

Urban Rigger is built to foster community living – while ensuring your private space.

The design encourages connections – and the common facilities make it easy and natural to interact and take care of the riggers – and each other.

On the existing rigger communities we see how it plays out in real life.



A modern, comfortable private apartment and access to plentiful community areas. Urban Rigger is developed to strike a perfect balance between privacy and community.

With an aim to foster connectivity, Urban Rigger place container units in a circle, framing the green centralized courtyard with its own floating garden and equipped with bicycle racks, kayak dock, bathing platform and barbecue areas. There is access to two sets of stairs, one leading to the lower floor below sea level and the other leading to the second residential floor.

Under water in the concrete hull you find many common areas with cozy TV-room, kitchen, livingroom, storage rooms – and some riggers even have fitness facilities.

The rooftop terraces are perfect for gatherings – and the surrounding water is often used for common activities such as swimming and water sports.

Limitless possibilities

Imagine connecting artists, scientists or entrepreneurs in innovative spaces; creating temporary housing to support large-scale events – or flexible housing for pendlers.

We believe in rethinking how we build, live and work

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