Conscious Living

Built with its surroundings in mind, Urban Rigger considers how we can sustainably wield water to our benefit and enable a more conscious lifestyle. From tech integrations to layout, the unique design of the riggers contributes to a more sustainable environment.

Understanding our impact

Life on water challenges people to think differently. From water consumption to waste management, Urban Rigger life nudges renters and residents to live small, consider their individual impact, and care for their shared surroundings on board and on land.


Urban Rigger is on a constant journey to increase and enhance sustainability. Sunlight and solar panels are used to power homes, and rainwater provides the life source for shared, urban gardens. The surrounding seawater serves as a natural source of heating with the help of low energy pumps, and the concrete hull requires no maintenance the next 100 years.
The construction is also designed to further biodiversity. Microbes, mussels, barnacles, crabs, algae, etc. grow straight on the surfaces of the hull, hellping clean the surrounding seawater and assist in turning CO2 into 02. Furthermore – one rooftops of is covered with sedum plants, which is a CO2 neutral option that enables biodiversity

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