Designed to bring people together

Urban Rigger is centered around community – a community that enjoys a strong sense of connection, where the residents work together towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.

There are currently around 100 people (mainly students) living onboard, and around 20 different nationalities.

On Urban Rigger, you have the opportunity to tap into a social bubble, meet new friends and be connected to both the city and the water. Most recently the corona quarantine has clearly demonstrated the importance of access to outdoor areas and small local communities.

While enjoying the many benefits of communal living, you also have your own private space where you can concentrate on studies or work, cook your own food, and relax.

"Essential basic drivers of the student migration, such as the availability of centralized, sustainable and affordable student housing, is not only elemental, but cardinal in the quest to inspire and attract the best and the brightest to conquer the challenges of our exciting but fragile future."

– Bjarke Ingels, BIG

Conscious Living

By living smaller we consume less and reduce our environmental footprint. We, at Urban Rigger, encourage conscious living by cultivating good use of common resources.

Read more about our sustainable features here.
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