Comfortable Living

Flexible modern apartments with fresh air and a view

Throughout history, we have always settled by the water. Today, Urban Rigger enables comfortable seaside living for more people. By building on water, we trade out traditionally dark, congested buildings with open, breathable spaces. And a comfortable tiny living lifestyle.

Access to the waterfront

Studies show that those who live by the water experience mental and physical benefits coined the blue space effect. Purely being in the presence of water can positively impact your mood and happiness. Urban Rigger enables people not only to live by the water but now on the water.

Urban Rigger can be placed at any suitable waterfront – also in harbour areas that are less developed. While a view of the water has often remained an exclusive privilege, we enable more people to enjoy the benefits of living by the water by accelerating the development of new seaside communities.

On the frontrunner project in Copenhagen

" Each student has a view to the water, so they can jump out their window into the clean port of Copenhagen and get back in. "

— Bjarke Ingels, BIG Architects

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Thoughtful Design

Designed by BIG, the rooms are intentionally full of light – and stacked to give each room aboard a seaside view. Simply open up your window, and dive into the water straight from your room. In your small apartment you have all you need for a comfortable, simple life. It functional, aesthetically pleasing and modern.

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