Connected living

Urban Rigger is designed to encourage connection – and it strikes a fine balance between privacy and community. Rigger living is having a modern, comfortable private apartment and access to  plentiful common areas. Above and under water. A common courtyard with a green garden is at the center of each rigger community. And under the water you’ll find a common kitchen, living room, laundry facilities and storage rooms. Some rigges have fitness facilities and all in all living on Urban Rigger gives you access to 240 m2 of common areas.


Conscious living

Urban Rigger uses its location over water to create sustainable building and living solutions.

Solar panels, thermal heating, sedum plant roofs are some of the features. And we are always on the lookout for ways to enhance the sustainability of Rigger life.

The design of the riggers also encourages residents and renters to consider their impact on the environment and each other.


Comfortable living

Urban Rigger provides comfortable living spaces in beautiful surroundings. From spectacular views in every room to modern, smart appliances – Urban Rigger enables high-quality seaside living for more people.


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