Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Urban Rigger.

Urban Rigger


We are currently inviting students and people around the age of 50+ to stay at Urban Rigger.

As long as you wish. Urban Rigger is your opportunity to have a nice, permanent home while you concentrate on your studies. You can stay up to 6 months after you finish your studies.

The minimum lease period is 6 months.

As soon as we have availability, we will send out invitations to those who have stated a preferred move-in date close to the date of the individual availability.

Please note that by accepting the offer you have not been guaranteed an apartment. If you do not hear back from us, it means that someone before you on the waiting list has accepted the offer. You will still remain active on our waiting list and the chances of getting a spot have increased.

If you wish to stay on the waiting list for availabilities around another date than what you have stated in the application, you need to contact us and we can make you active again.

If you no longer need a place to stay, please send us an email to rental@urbanrigger.com, and you will no longer receive offers from Urban Rigger.

A virtual viewing is exactly as it sounds – showing people around inside Urban Rigger via a video live stream.  With a virtual viewing of our student housing, we save common resources and transport. if you do not live in the area already you can save the trip and just click here to get the full experience before you decide to move in.

Yes. We want to give you the opportunity to personalize your home the way you want. You may get inspiration from your neighbours on how to live small and well. We have installed pleaded curtains on all windows, which helps keep the heat out in the summer or the cold out in the winter.

Since 50 percent of our residents come from abroad, they usually sell their furniture when they move out. There is also a private group for reselling on Urban Rigger where the residents can give new life to the old and used.

No, unfortunately we cannot allow pets onboard.

No, smoking is not allowed on the premises and inside your apartment. You can smoke on land. No drugs are allowed either.

You can bring your bike onboard. There is space in the courtyard for bikes, kayaks and subboards. Motorcycles and vehicles with an oil drain plug are not allowed onboard due to safety reasons. You can buy a parking license from Urban Rigger for DKK 1,800 a year (only limited amounts). With a license, you can park everywhere on Refshaleøen where signs indicate regular parking permission. It is not allowed to park on the street in front of the riggers.

Urban Rigger offers 1 mooring spot per rigger, which means that there are currently 6 spots. The price is DKK 6,000 a year. You may ask if there is a free spot, if not you will be put on the waiting list.

We have a community app called HOCOCO. The app helps us in onboarding new tenants, managing the daily flow of messages, and handling important files and data securely. It is a communication tool as well as a place to find all relevant documents related to your lease.

We recommend that you inform us well in advance of your moving out. You terminate by sending an email to rental@urbanrigger.com, stating your name, apartment number and request to terminate contract. You recieve a confirmation within few days.

Cf. §5 in the contract, you must terminate the lease with 3 months’ notice from the 1st of the month, in which you must vacate the apartment 10 days before the release date.


If you give the notice during March (no later than March 31st), you are liable for 3 months i.e. until June 30th, this is the release date on the contract. The apartment must be vacated by June 18th at the latest.

All prices are with apprx. 20 % reduction for students.

Prices for a 23 m2 studio apartment starts at DKK 9350 per month

Prices for a 30 m2 studio apartment starts at DKK 11.750 per month

The price differs according to the location on the rigger and the view. The apartments facing west and more sea view are more expensive than those facing the quayside. However, each apartment is designed to look at water and to has the same quality.