Breaking new ground by building real estate on water has opened the door to a new way of making use of existing technology. Our selection of technological features permits us to deliver a smart and future fit product with sustainability, space, and surroundings in mind.

Hydro source heating

The floating nature of Urban Rigger provides the option to utilize the surrounding water as a free and clean heating source.

Recycling ventilation system

Danfoss has implemented an innovative recycling ventilation system that removes heavy air and constantly provides fresh air.

Thermal windows

Energy efficient 3-layer windows designed to keep the weather outside and comfort inside.

Low Energy Pumps

The Grundfos technologies is playing a key role in generating heating and cooling, whilst keeping the energy use to a minimum.

Reflective membrane insulation

Urban Rigger is equipped with Aluthermo’s thin reflective insulation. It is slimmer than any other solution and it is watertight, flexible, easily installed, and has been tested under extreme conditions to ensure durability.

Solar panels

our energy supply for the future by relying on the sun – a source of energy that is renewable, environmentally friendly, and low-cost.

Sustainable technology

We believe that better management of water is core to a more resilient future. Learn more about how we’re partnering with Grundfos and Danfoss to develop smarter, sustainable solutions.