How is the concept sustainable?

The material lifecycle perspective is carefully considered in the entire construction, inside as well as outside. The surrounding seawater serves as a natural source for heat with the help of low energy pumps, the solar panels work as a clean source of fuel to run electricity, and the watertight concrete hull requires no maintenance the next 100 years.

Biodiversity below water

Our construction is all about biodiversity. It is created in such a manor, that microbes, mussels, barnacles, crabs, algae, etc. grow straight on the surfaces of the concrete foundation. This ocean wildlife cleans the surrounding seawater and assists in turning CO2 into O2.

Sedum roof

One of three rooftops of an Urban Rigger is covered with sedum plants, which is a CO2 neutral option that enables biodiversity. Amongst additional positive effects are its insulating effects, protection of the roof and noise reduction.

Solar panels

The Urban Rigger is equipped with solar panels to provide a sustainable source of energy. Energy harvested from the sun power the low-energy heat pump that extracts heat from the surrounding seawater and the heat pump for hot water. Additional energy is distributed equally to the residents.

Thermal windows

State of the art 3-layer windows make sure to preserve heat generated in the apartments and require a minimum of maintenance.

Concrete foundation

The watertight concrete requires no maintenance the next 100 years.

Bamboo interior

Bamboo is used for the interior. Bamboo is a fast-growing crop that needs less water and pesticides as well as no fertilizers to grow.

LED Lighting

The outdoor facilities of all Urban Rigger units are equipped with LED lighting. The lights are only on when dark, and on the rooftop, it is manually turned on to make sure no lights are unnecessarily on. LED is energy-saving, low-coast, has a long lifespan and requires almost no maintenance.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

To make the most of our energy technologies, we have installed heat recovery ventilation which recycles warm air ensuring that we get the most out of it before it is released into the atmosphere.

Reflective membrane insulation

Urban Rigger is equipped with Aluthermo’s thin reflective insulation. It is slimmer than any other solution and it is watertight, flexible, easily installed, and has been tested under extreme conditions to ensure durability.

Aguardio SEG Sensors

To examine the residents’ shower patterns and to promote more sustainable habits, SEG sensors from Aguardio were installed in the 6 apartments with the highest water consumption. Over the course of three months water consumption fell with up to 40 percent. Reduced shower time means saved water, energy, and money.

Light hydronic floor heating

All apartments are equipped with hydronic floor heating. The heating is drawn from the seawater surrounding the concrete hull and circulated by low energy pumps. The floor heating differs from most private households as it is a lighter construction. The floor heating pipes are integrated in the floor, adding advantages regarding reducing temperature fluctuations and over-heating.


It is our mission to engage our community and make the global goals their local goals.

How we work with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

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