Is it time to say goodbye to cramped and depressingly overpriced dorm rooms? Copenhagen says it is, with the arrival of Urban Rigger: a floating student residence on the docks of Copenhagen, conceptualised as a solution to the urgent need for student housing in this European capital, one of the ten costliest cities in the world to live in. Led by founder Kim Loudrup and architect Bjarke Ingels of Big ArchitectsUrban Rigger came into fruition in the summer of 2016. “The idea was to develop a revolutionary and innovative floating dwelling system that will have a positive impact on the housing situation for students in Europe, as well as completing an attractive untapped and geographically independent niche in the market, ‘the water ways’ — thousands of kilometres of unused quays across the harbour, canal and river-intensive cities across the world, And to prove that, it is possible to find a balance between idealism and sound business… you just have to look for it,” the team behind Urban Rigger says. Flexible, mobile and sustainable, the 680m2 property offers student rooms measuring 23-27m2, a vast common green courtyard, a kayak landing, a bathing platform, a BBQ area and a communal roof terrace, as well as other amenities like storage rooms and fully automated laundry.

The potential of Urban Rigger as mobile and sustainable dwellings could significantly address issues like overcrowding, the refugee crisis or social housing. Read more on the project and follow on Instagram.